James Macfarlane Lilac

James Macfarlane Lilac

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James Macfarlane Lilac

The Lilac ‘James Macfarlane’, Syringa presoniae ‘James Macfarlane’, blooms two weeks later than Syringa vulgaris types. The true single pink flowers bloom freely. It is extremely hardy and adaptable, withstanding moisture conditions fatal to vulgaris hybrids. This lilac has an upright shape. The large clusters of deliciously scented flowers bloom in May and June and are attractive to butterflies. Lilacs should be grown in fertile, humus-rich, well drained soil.

Scientific Name or Common Names: Syr. presoniae ‘James Macfarlane’

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James Macfarlane Lilac – Syr. presoniae ‘James Macfarlane’

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