Jenny Rose Campion

Jenny Rose Campion

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Jenny Rose Campion

The Lychnis Jenny, ‘Lychniscoronaria’, a Blooms of Bressingham plant, is an upright perennial with woolly green foliage. The large fluffy pink flowers double and white markings run into the petals. ŠJennyŢ is a definite improvement from other Lychnis. The flower is larger, sterile and more refined. ŠJennyŢ has a plant height of 30÷ and 18÷ spread. ŠJennyŢ should be planted in full sun to light shade, but does require moisture and free-draining soil. Lychnis is deer resistant and a great perennial for mass plantings or at the back of a border.

Scientific Name or Common Names: Lychnis flos-cuculi ‘Jenny’

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