New Bradford Pear

New Bradford Pear

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New Bradford Pear

The New Bradford Pear, ‘Pyrus calleryana “Holmford”, is a broad, oval tree with good branch angles. The branching is the major improvement over the Bradford pear. Stronger branches stand up better to ice and wind. The New Bradford is covered with white flowers in spring, glossy green foliage for summer, then turning yellow to maroon for autumn. It is an extremely popular, vigorous growing, medium size, shade tree with outstanding clusters of white blooms in spring and very attractive terrific yellow to red to purple foliage color in fall. The New Bradford pear is a beautiful garden addition that produces no edible fruit. This flowering tree grows best in full sun. This is a great tree for lawns or for a street tree and it is very disease resistant.

Scientific Name or Common Names: Pyrus calleryana ‘Holmford’

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New Bradford Pear – Pyrus calleryana ‘Holmford’

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