Patriot Rainbow Lantana

Patriot Rainbow Lantana

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Patriot Rainbow Lantana

The Lantana Patriot Rainbow, ‘Lantana “Patriot” Rainbow, is an annual shrub like plant that will produce beautiful bright dark lavender flowers. Lantana is an excellent choice for beds or containers. The Rainbow Lantana has attractive foliage and the foliage is topped with vividly colored flowers. The brightly colored flowers of Lantana are excellent for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. The Lantana is also commonly called a Shrub Verbena. All Lantana’s are tough, resilient plants that thrive in hot weather and bloom profusely from spring until frost.

Scientific Name or Common Names: Lantana “Patriot” Rainbow

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Patriot Rainbow Lantana – Lantana “Patriot” Rainbow

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