Plumosa Salvia

Plumosa Salvia

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Plumosa Salvia

The Salvia ęPlumosaŻ, Salvia nemorosa, has glowing purple stems loaded with deep, double purple flowers that bloom from June to October. With its gray-green basal leaves and aromatic foliage, it makes an attractive accent all summer long. It has a plant height of 18ö and a spread of 18-24ö and stays in excellent compact form. Salvia ęPlumosaŻ should be planted in full sun in a moist well-drained area. Blooms look wonderful next to Sedum ęMatronaŻ, Achillea ‘Coronation Gold’ and Saliva ęSnow HillŻ.

Scientific Name or Common Names: Salvia numerosa ‘Plumosa’

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