Prairie Cascade Willow

Prairie Cascade Willow

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Prairie Cascade Willow

The Prairie Cascade Willow, ‘Salix pentaphyllum “Prairie Cascade”, is a fast growing, trademarked hybrid willow from Morden Research Station in Manitoba. The Prairie Cascade is a hardy tree with glossy green foliage and a weeping habit. The stems are golden and of interest in the winters. It grows as a multi-stemmed plant. Its smaller size makes it a good choice for smaller yards. The average growth is about 3 ft. per year. They hold their leaves late into the fall and require very little maintenance. Well suited for moist areas, and will grow in almost any type of soil. This tree is a hybrid combining the form of the Weeping Willow with the glossy foliage of the Laurel Willow.

Scientific Name or Common Names: Salix pentaphyllum ‘Prairie Cascade’

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