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The Easy Elegancer Garden WallT Showtime rose, Rosa ‘BAItime’ (PPAF), has show stopping, clear red blooms which have golden stamens that give the centers a reddish-orange glow. Bright blooms, framed by dark, glossy foliage combine for a powerful flower effect. Excellent repeat bloom with spent flowers dropping cleanly. In warmer climates, Showtime will grow into a climber. Disease resistant. An Easy way to a beautiful garden
The Showtime rose is part of the Easy Elegancer Rose Collection which makes it easy for everyone to grow beautiful roses. Bred for natural disease resistance and hardiness, the Showtime rose will continue to bloom throughout the season, giving you long-lasting beauty and unparalleled ease of care.The Showtime rose provides for:

  • Easy care, low maintenance – no complicated pruning required
  • Rich color all summer long – continuous blooms provide long-lasting beauty
  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals are required to maintain health

  • Scientific Name or Common Names: Rosa ‘BAtime’ (PPAF)

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