White Icicle Radish

White Icicle Radish

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White Icicle Radish

The Radish White Icicle, ‘Raphanus sativus’, is an attractive snow white, 5″ – 6″ long, tapered radish with a mild flavor. It is easy to grow and is quite early for a summer radish. White Icicle can produce a crop when spring radishes won’t. This mild flavored radish is great eaten fresh, in salads, or in sandwiches. The flower tops are edible and the green tops can also be used in salads. Radishes prefer loose, light soil with a fair amount of organic material. Harvest when the radish is 5 inches long. Bigger radishes get pithy and hot.

Scientific Name or Common Names: Raphanus sativus

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White Icicle Radish – Raphanus sativus

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